Aeromotive 18368 Universal Brushless In-Tank Pump A1000

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Aeromotive introduces four new brushless pumps (A1000, Eliminator, 3.5 GPM, and 5.0 GPM Gear Pumps), which are available in three different configurations:
1) external in-line
2) direct drop-in replacement for the Aeromotive COPO, Cobra Jet, or Drag Pak 
3) as complete fuel cells available in 6, 15, or 20-gallon capacities.

Aeromotive would now like to introduce their all-new Variable-Speed Controlled Brushless Pumps and Controller. Aeromotive has pioneered speed controlled fuel pumps in the past with its brush-style pumps, enhancing the ability to take high horsepower pumps and put them on the street.

The new Variable-Speed Controlled pumps do the same for brushless applications by reducing fuel flow during low-demand situations. Reducing fuel flow from the tank to the engine and back helps combat overheating of the fuel while limiting the noise bigger pumps produce. The lower fuel flow will also extend the already long life of Aeromotive’s brushless pumps.

The Variable-Speed Controllers include a 0-5V analog input that allows for infinite speed control in the set voltage range. They will be included on new brushless pumps and are easily retrofit to existing Aeromotive models with a simple three-wire hookup.

Universal Brushless A1000 In-Tank Pump

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