ATM Innovation XRX-1050 XRX Series Gas Carburetor, 1050cfm

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ATM Innovation’s XRX Series is the ultimate 4700/4500-flange gas carb available in 5 sizes from 1050cfm all the way to a whopping 1650cfm, enough to feed the most robust big-blocks. A QFT die cast aluminum carb body is fitted with annular discharge boosters and ATM 4-circuit, 5-emulsion, 4-corner idle billet metering blocks and slabbed throttle shafts for reduced turbulence and increased flow. Braswell dual inlet Fuel Chute Lite fuel bowls with dual sight glass windows are fitted with 7/8”-20 AN #6 fittings for securing fuel lines. Gas XRXs have a polished silver finish, with black anodized billet blocks.

  • Available in 5 sizes from 1050cfm – 1650cfm (gas)
  • Available for gas, methanol and E85 fuels
  • QFT die cast aluminum carb body w/annular boosters
  • ATM 4-circuit, 5-emulsion billet metering blocks
  • Changeable air bleed and fuel channel restrictions
  • 4-corner idle adjustment
  • Slabbed throttle shafts

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