Holley 120-511 Sniper EFI Air Cleaner Drop Base - Black, 1" Drop Base for 14" Dia.

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Complete your Sniper EFI install with our 1" drop base to gain some extra under-hood room and unleash the full potential of your new fuel injection system without modification! The Sniper EFI air cleaner drop base was designed specifically for use with the Sniper EFI 4BBL throttle body and a 14" air cleaner element and lid. These stamped steel drop bases feature a generous 1" drop with the necessary clearance bulges for use of the front mounted fuel inlets on the Sniper EFI unit. Available in both black and chrome finishes to best match your Sniper EFI unit.


  • 1” drop base with necessary clearances for the use of your Sniper EFI 4BBl TBI’s front mounted fuel inlets
  • Compatible with Holley Vapor Guard -6 90° to 3/8” (P/N 759166ERL) fittings
  • Designed for use with 14” diameter air cleaner filter elements
  • Stamped steel construction for improved durability
  • Available in black and chrome finishes

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