Mr. Gasket 1287 Super Coil Spring Spacer

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If your car or truck needs a little lift in the front end consider the Mr. Gasket Super Coil Spring Spacer. Made from high density rubber, it increases front coil spring height to allow you to raise the front end of your vehicle for clearance, etcetera, without having to purchase new springs. The 1 inch thick spacer provides approximately 1 inch lift. The Super Coil Spring Spacer is designed to fit into the coil spring, so it incorporates dual U-shaped grooves to prevent popping out. Dimensions of the spacer are 4 inch i.d. (inner diameter) and 6 inch o.d. (outer diameter)it can be cut down or expanded for slightly smaller or larger springs. Sold individually.


  • Made From High Density Rubber
  • Increases Spring Height
  • 6.00" Diameter - Can Be Cut Down or Expanded for Slightly Smaller or Larger Springs
  • Incorporates dual grooves to prevent popping out
  • Fits into coil spring
  • Provides 1" lift

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