Mr. Gasket 2670 Water Neck - Swivel - 30 Degree Angle - Gen III/IV LS

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Mr. Gasket Swivel Water Necks are great for engine conversion applications where engine/radiator inlet and outlet ports may be in different locations versus original equipment. The outlet rotates 360 degrees and has a 30 degree angle for versatility. Die-cast aluminum construction is strong, and durably resisting corrosion and is chrome plated for classic looks. It has a thick mounting flange to prevent warping and provide a positive engine coolant seal. Included stainless steel Allen head cap screws mount flush with the top of the flange to provide a smooth, custom look. Designed for use with 1/2 inch radiator hoses.


  • Neck rotates 360 degrees 30 degree angle for maximum versatility in engine swaps
  • Die-cast aluminum for strength and durability and resist corrosion
  • Thick mounting flange prevents warping and provides a positive coolant seal
  • Chrome-plated for looks
  • Allen head stainless steel bolt mount flush to flange for custom look
  • Uses commonly available 1-1/2 radiator hose (casting I.D 1-3/16")

Note: Fits 1997-2020 GM LS Engines only, will not fit 2013-up Gen V engines. 1997-2003 & 2009 engines REQUIRE a 2004-2008 style thermostat. Use part number 6367 for 160 degree, or 6368 for 180 degree thermostat.

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