Oliver F5933MDLT8 Standard Light I-Beam Connecting Rods, Ford Modular 5.933"

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  • Wrist Pin: 0.866″ or 0.927″
  • Crank Pin: 2.086″
  • Big End Width: 0.938″
  • Big End Bore: 2.239″
  • Bolts: Premium 7/16”
  • As with all Oliver rod’s, our Ford Series rods are designed to withstand the abuse from today’s high rpm naturally-aspirated engines as well as high horsepower forced induction applications.
  • As cylinder head technology has advanced along with boost levels approaching 40psi on a normal basis, the need to update our Ford series rods with our best designs was a necessity to achieve the highest performance envelope possible.
  • Set of 8

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