Speedmaster 1-415-002-02 Chevy BBC 454 Complete Engine Pulley Kit [Black]

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Brand: Speedmaster
Part Number: 1-415-002-02
Part Type: Pulley Kits

Pulley Style: Serpentine
Pulley Set Style: High water flow ratio
Pulley Material: Billet aluminum
Pulley Finish: Black 
Crankshaft Pulley Included: Yes
Crankshaft Pulley Grooves: 6-groove serpentine
Crankshaft Nose Cover Included: No
Water Pump Pulley Included: Yes
Water Pump Pulley Grooves: Smooth
Water Pump Nose Cone Included: No
Power Steering Pulley Included: Yes
Power Steering Pulley Grooves: 6-groove serpentine
Power Steering Pulley Attachment: Set Screw
Power Steering Brackets Included: Yes
Alternator Pulley Included: No
Alternator Pulley Grooves: 6-groove serpentine
Alternator Fan Included: No
Alternator Nose Cover Included: No
Alternator Brackets Included: Yes
Air Conditioning Pulley Included: No
Air Conditioning Pulley Grooves: 6-groove
Air Conditioning

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